What an eventful year we had for 2013 and it’s hard to believe that we are almost at the end of 1st month of 2014.

In 3 weeks time I will be stuffing my face with all the yummy food in Malaysia and shop till I drop in Bangkok with both of my bff.

 I am seriously very excited about my trip because I didn’t have any overseas holidays last year which is pretty depressing. Plus I really missed my family a lot and it will be nice for Z to see her grandparents and extended family.

 So far I am enjoying my work a lot. Especially when I have been given an account to manage although my role is assisting other account managers. Everyone in my team are fun to work and very grateful to have an understanding manager.

 Tonight is the eve of chinese new year and we have decided to have a simple dinner at home. DJ and I made some chicken and prawn dumplings and I cooked my family tradition dish – lo hon chye (vegetarian dish).

I was supposed to take a day off tomorrow however I had to retract my leave form back because I had to have annual leaves for my upcoming trip. I know it’s so sad to be working on CNY…

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Ticking off some of items from the wish list

Wishes do come true…. I am so in love with this bag!!

Been eyeing on this beauty for 6 months. Big thank you to the #bestMIL for the contribution.


Z has been hogging my ipad ever since she fell in love with Peppa Pig and I had to give-in in letting her use it just to get some peace and quiet time at home.

Now no more arguing on who’s turn to use the ipad as I present my very own ipad mini from DJ. Thank you Dear! You have finally gotten it right this time…lol

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4 weeks till Christmas

I have been so slack with updating my blog.
I can’t believe Christmas is approaching and I still haven’t organise my to-do list.

MIL will be in Melbourne for Christmas this year and it will be a good time for Z to spend time with her grandma.

Z is very excited about the whole Christmas festival and she reckons Santa will be coming to our place through the “chimney”.

The little one has asked Santa to bring her some ice-cream on Christmas day. What a cutie :)


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Swimming + Potty training

swimSwim trial at Kingswim

What a productive Saturday for little Z. :)

It was Z’s first time in a swimming pool. At first she was very excited about the whole swimming thing and once I got into the pool with her, she was grabbing on to me so tightly. I kept telling her it’s ok and whether she wants to give it a try on the swimming techniques shown by the instructor but she kept saying no. Maybe a few more swim trials will probably build up her confidence in the pool.

After swim class, DJ and I decided to start toilet training for Z. She had 2 accidents at the beginning and after that she did quite well. We had to constantly remind her about whether she need to go to the toilet. We are taking the toilet training slowly and we will still let her wear her nappy when we go out. Can’t imagine myself handling a poo/pee situation in public without freaking out.

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Leave Approved | FEB 2014


Yippee… I am extremely excited about my trip to motherland!

Des’s Japan trip is still up in the air but my trip is a definite CONFIRMED. I wish I could go back for CNY however I had to work around the Japan dates which Des and the gang still have not made the final decision.

I will be flying to KL with Z with our extremely cheap ticket that I scored from Air Asia special promotion. Both our tickets only cost us AUD$800 return and Z has her own seat! lol.

6 months to go…


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Terrible 2

Birthday card from her roomies

Birthday card from her roomies

Zarina is 2 now. Her toodlerhood development are consider very advance exept she is still not toilet trained yet. We are looking at going on a full on training when the weather is a bit warmer.

Z can now count 1-10 and she can sing a full version of the ABC song! *proud mommy* lol!

I am trying my best to converse with her in cantonese however Z just tends to ignore me and walk away #superfailed.

She is off the bottle and sleeps on her own in her room. Occasionally … well most of the nights Z tends to wake up at 3am and she comes into my room but I had to be persistent with her sleeping routine.

This year we did not organise a birthday party for Z. We thought we will just keep it simple plus she will not remember at all. On her birthday, we took Z to a nearby buffet joint to celebrate her birthday with her buddy Hayden. Dinner was surprisingly good and Z had 7 serves of jelly. Yup that’s all the birthday girl wanted to have for dinner.



You will always be my baby girl.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday. 

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Birthday celebration in Sydney.

IMG_8300Every year I get to celebrate my birthday on Queen’s birthday long weekend. This year we decided to spend the long weekend holiday in Sydney. We planned this getaway trip since February.


It will also be last time of Z travelling for free. By July she will have to pay for her own seat which I don’t mind at all because after this Sydney trip, we did learn a lot about travelling with a toddler.

It is not easy to have a toddler sitting on your lap for even an hour. I cannot imagine if I have to travel back to Malaysia with Z on my lap for freaking 8 hours. Thanked god the flight only took us an hour but it was the longest 1 hour we ever experienced. 

The hotel which we stayed in more of a boutique/business type of hotel which I find it not quite suitable when travelling with a toddler. The next time we will definitely get a service apartment with a kitchenette so that we can at least be able to buy food and eat in if we were too tired to go out for dinner.

What I like about Sydney is that most of their tourist attraction spots are very close by and can be easily to access i.e walking. We did lots of walking on the 1st and 2nd day. By the end of  each the day we couldn’t feel our legs at all. So on the 3rd day, we decided to take the free shuttle bus to Circular Quay.

IMG_8471Zarina loving the bus ride. All happy with big smiles :)

IMG_8497Sydney Opera House

IMG_8500Circular Quay

Z stayed most of the time on her stroller and she was getting very impatient with us. We spent most of our time just nearby our hotel.. not too sure why we didn’t even venture out to Bondi. I was hoping to see the new William and Sonoma store. Oh well maybe next year.. :)

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Autumn in Melbourne

First quarter of the year has just gone. It has been a very hectic month of March when the in-laws were here. DJ and I managed to sneak out for a movie night. We watched Oz. It was a great movie and such a shame we didn’t watch it in 3D instead.

Zarina is growing up very fast and she has been spoilt silly by her grandparents. She loves all the attention that she is getting from her yeh yeh and mah mah. It’s alway good to have MIL around. Wish she could stay longer ..

So far no oversea holidays planned for this year. We have booked a mini getaway in June to Sydney to celebrate my birthday and also the QUEEN’s! We are looking forward to this trip as the fish market will be our first stop when we arrive in Sydney. Laduree and Ippudo will be in the agenda as well. Gonna spend the day at Sydney Aquarium. I am sure Zarina will enjoy looking at the fishes.

My manager has resigned 2 weeks ago and this has really put the team under a lot of pressure as everyone is given extra work on top of what we already working on. It’s not bad to be busy at work. At least I know the day goes by really quickly. What I’m not looking forward is now the days are getting shorter meaning when I leave work it will be dark.


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Happy New Year!
I was so happy that I got a job offer in December. Who would have thought that there are still companies that hires at the end of the year. I can’t be any happier to be back in the work force. I almost killed myself from boredom. It was the most mundane 6 months that I ever had.
Yup, last year has been a really eventful (sort of) year and I am so glad to have my normal life back.

Let’s hope this year will be much better than last year.

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18 months old

Zarina is 18months old now.

She has started to feed herself breakfast in daycare.

She tends to understand more of what we say to her. Her favourite food is rice and noodle. Yup very Asian.

Often she just ignore me when I speak Cantonese to her and her reply to me is “blank face”+ No.

She is not afraid of me when i tell her off for being naughty which is a pain in the arse.

Now that Z has mastered in her walking skills, she  has been running around the house but often she hit straight on to the wall. *ouch*

She can point where her nose, eyes, mouth and ears.  Knows where her feet is and can count 1 to 2. LOL

Overall it gets very interesting to see Z learning so many words and things but feeling sad that she is growing up too fast.


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