Bestie in Melbourne.

Bestie is in town for a short holiday and catch up. I have been waiting for this woman to come to Melbourne to visit me since 2001! 

The last time we caught up was back in 2009 in Singapore before she to move to Taipei and later to Bangkok.

We took Joanne and LP for dinner at Bridge Hotel in Richmond on Saturday night.

It was also our first time to this gastro pub style restaurant and we were very impressed with the ambient, interior and the food menu. Everything was perfect! 

On Sunday we spent the whole day at Healesville visiting the sanctuary. MissZ was very excited about seeing an echidna. This is my 3rd time visiting  the sanctuary however I felt that this trip was more educational 😂.

After the sanctuary visit, we had a late long lunch at Innocent By Stander.

Even though it was such a short trip, I am very happy that we got to see each other. I hope I’ll get to visit Joanne in Bangkok before she decides to move again!

MissZ is very attached to Joanne. She even asked if she will see Aunty again. Aww *melts*

James & Ann wedding

At last, our dear friend James has popped the “will you marry me?” question to Ann… Everyone in the group have been waiting anxiously for the-day to come.

Very happy for the newly weds.




We have organised with Eunice to baby sit MissZ for a sleep over at her place. So proud of my little girl for not giving a hard time to Eunice. She seems to enjoyed it a lot without our presence.

The wedding was in Yering Station. Beautiful venue and great companies of friends that we hardly meet up now due majority of us have kids now. It was a great evening without the kids.

Entering week 26

You know when everyone says every pregnancies are different. Well I must say its so damn true.   IMG_6441-0.JPG

I guess it’s also because when I had MissZ when I was 31 and now fast forward 4 years later, my energy level has gone down to level 3 base on a scale of 1-10. Plus I’ve return to the work force working full time and traveling almost 2 hours a day in the car to work and home. Not sure if it’s because I’m having a boy however I find that I tend to get really tired very easily. At times I get some severe joint and back pains.

I am still going to the gym so that I could keep up with my stamina level. I find that zumba classes and training with my PT do helps a lot with my sleeps. I have been experiencing on and off sleepless nights. I keep telling myself it’s damn worth it after all and can’t wait to meet my new boy. 14 weeks to go. Bring it on baby #2!

Miss Z has started to tell lies

omg! I can’t believe my soon to be 4 year old has started to tell lies.

I was curios on why there was Easter egg chocolate wrapper found at MissZ’s bed few days ago but it didn’t click to me that she has been sneaking those chocolates and eating them without our knowledge.

How we found out was when Des saw empty wrappers around the chocolate bowl. Then MissZ made the confession, she had chocolates while we were asleep at night.

I find it funny however it is also a sign that my little girl is growing up too fast and getting very mischievous.


2015 already??!!

In less than 15 weeks to go till babyBOY (name TBC) arrives.

2014 has been a roller coaster year for me. Anyway glad that it’s over now and looking forward to my maternity leave.

It seems like there is not much to prepare for baby’s arrival but in actual fact I was quite organise this time. I have prepared most of baby’s essential stuffs.

MissZ is all hyped up about expecting a baby brother in her life however we will see how she goes once the baby arrives. She might change her mind…

Girls trip take 2.

Remember about my girls trip to BKK last year? Well I didn’t end up going because MissZ fell sick and during that time BKK was having this big protest about some elections between the government and opposition party. Hence I decided to cancel the trip since it was like a sign telling me not to go. Anyway few weeks later I found out that I was actually pregnant however later I had a miscarriage…sad however things happens for a reason.

So this year I insisted to have a girls trip although I was 20 weeks pregnant. I know it’s the safe time to travel because I have done it before when I was 24 weeks pregnant with MissZ. I only announced my news about my pregnancy to SK after she has committed to the trip otherwise I know she will not buy my idea of travelling with a pregger.

*touch wood* so far the trip went very well and smooth. No hiccups except I found out that the day I left for my trip, MissZ got bitten by deadly mozzies on her legs at her mah-mah’s house.

I opt for a relaxing and cruising holiday – just a short trip up north to Penang. I was so glad that I had my 3 days 2 nights away with SK. Just catching up with what’s going with our lives. Although we chat a lot on Whatsapp and Skype however I feel that it’s always nice to spend time together reminiscing our good old times prior to marriage and kids.

IMG_5487.JPGThis is us walking under the hot sun looking for every single street art around Georgetown. I am very amazed of myself being able to endure the horrible hot and humid weather. We did some mini stop overs for some refreshments. It was really good to be able to visit Penang again after 15 years. So much has changed… or maybe no changes but I just feel like I have fully utilised my annual Malaysia trip with doing something meaningful :)


This year will be our 27th year of friendship. We have known each other since we were 8. SK has been a wonderful great friend and I’m very grateful to have her in my life. She is also my dear daughter’s godmother although MissZ thinks SK is her fairy godmother :P




Beautifully handcrafted. No wonder the price tag was cutthroat 😛.

I could have bought 2 LV wallets with that price. Anyway glad that hubs is happy with his new accessory.

Miss 3

MissZ turns 3 today and she has request a Peppa Pig cake to celebrate with her mates in childcare.

We have promised missZ to bring her to TGIF Friday’s for dinner for some chips and fish nuggets. I know it may sound unhealthy but hey that’s what the birthday girl has ask for.

Happy Birthday my dear. Mommy loves you a lot and hope you will always be happy.


What an eventful year we had for 2013 and it’s hard to believe that we are almost at the end of 1st month of 2014.

In 3 weeks time I will be stuffing my face with all the yummy food in Malaysia and shop till I drop in Bangkok with both of my bff.

 I am seriously very excited about my trip because I didn’t have any overseas holidays last year which is pretty depressing. Plus I really missed my family a lot and it will be nice for Z to see her grandparents and extended family.

 So far I am enjoying my work a lot. Especially when I have been given an account to manage although my role is assisting other account managers. Everyone in my team are fun to work and very grateful to have an understanding manager.

Tonight is the eve of chinese new year and we have decided to have a simple dinner at home. DJ and I made some chicken and prawn dumplings and I cooked my family tradition dish – lo hon chye (vegetarian dish).


I was supposed to take a day off tomorrow however I had to retract my leave form back because I had to have annual leaves for my upcoming trip. I know it’s so sad to be working on CNY…

Ticking off some of items from the wish list

Wishes do come true…. I am so in love with this bag!!

Been eyeing on this beauty for 6 months. Big thank you to the #bestMIL for the contribution.


Z has been hogging my ipad ever since she fell in love with Peppa Pig and I had to give-in in letting her use it just to get some peace and quiet time at home.

Now no more arguing on who’s turn to use the ipad as I present my very own ipad mini from DJ. Thank you Dear! You have finally gotten it right this time…lol