Happy 5th Birthday Tara


Looking at this photo makes me melts. The both of them are always up to something mischievous. 

This will be our last Melb birthday celebration with Tara  as they will be moving to Sydney end of this year. 😢

It’s sad to see my cousin moving to another state however looking at the bright side we get to go to Sydney now during school holidays, Easter holidays and Christmas! #awesome 🙌🏻

Week 29

Sometimes staying home on the weekends and do nothing is just pure bliss. Did some blog readings and also updating mine… I had to post all the post that was sitting in my draft folder since 2014!! 

I’ve entered my third trimester and i can feel that I get tired very easily.. Especially when I’m driving home from work. Bubs  has been very active inside my tummy. I can feel a lot of kicking and nudging when I’m sitting down. Thank god so far when I’m sleeping bubs is sleeping too. 

I am still going for my Zumba class on Monday evenings however I think I’ll have to stop attending the class once I reach week 36. Don’t want to push myself too hard. I’ve also bought another 6 PT passes hoping that I can continue training with my trainer till week 38 😝 

Za-za’s baby brother 

In preparation for the new addition to the family, I was recommended to get this book for MissZ. I must say the content of the book is very true to what we will be expecting when the baby arrives. 

Whenever I read this book to MissZ I feel very heavy hearted because she is so used to all the attention and suddenly she has to share the attention with her younger sibling. However I hope to give my best to MissZ and in return she will do the same to the baby.

Surprisingly MissZ has a really good memory memorizing the whole content of the book. Sometimes she reads the book by herself and I just had to flip the pages. 

Breakfast for the champion.


Although this photo was taken on Sunday however our weekly routine consist of MissZ going to swim class on Saturday morning followed by breakfast at her favourite restaurant in Boxhill Hong Kong Best Food. 

This restaurant resembles pretty much like the char chan teng in Hong Kong. It is always packed with people having their breakfast. The prices for each breakfast set ranges from $8 – $9 and comes with your choice of coffee or tea. Pretty good deal if you love HK style breakfast. 

As usual MissZ will have set E which consist of macaroni with soup, toast, fried eggs and sausages. I used to share this set with her but MissZ has a big appetite now. She can finish the whole bowl of pasta and toast leaving me with all the proteins which she is not a fan of it. We tend to try to make her have either 1 piece of sausage or egg but usually it’s quite challenging. I’m not sure why kids only love beige/pale colour food. 

Bestie in Melbourne.

Bestie is in town for a short holiday and catch up. I have been waiting for this woman to come to Melbourne to visit me since 2001! 

The last time we caught up was back in 2009 in Singapore before she to move to Taipei and later to Bangkok.

We took Joanne and LP for dinner at Bridge Hotel in Richmond on Saturday night.

It was also our first time to this gastro pub style restaurant and we were very impressed with the ambient, interior and the food menu. Everything was perfect! 

On Sunday we spent the whole day at Healesville visiting the sanctuary. MissZ was very excited about seeing an echidna. This is my 3rd time visiting  the sanctuary however I felt that this trip was more educational 😂.

After the sanctuary visit, we had a late long lunch at Innocent By Stander.

Even though it was such a short trip, I am very happy that we got to see each other. I hope I’ll get to visit Joanne in Bangkok before she decides to move again!

MissZ is very attached to Joanne. She even asked if she will see Aunty again. Aww *melts*

James & Ann wedding

At last, our dear friend James has popped the “will you marry me?” question to Ann… Everyone in the group have been waiting anxiously for the-day to come.

Very happy for the newly weds.




We have organised with Eunice to baby sit MissZ for a sleep over at her place. So proud of my little girl for not giving a hard time to Eunice. She seems to enjoyed it a lot without our presence.

The wedding was in Yering Station. Beautiful venue and great companies of friends that we hardly meet up now due majority of us have kids now. It was a great evening without the kids.

Entering week 26

You know when everyone says every pregnancies are different. Well I must say its so damn true.   IMG_6441-0.JPG

I guess it’s also because when I had MissZ when I was 31 and now fast forward 4 years later, my energy level has gone down to level 3 base on a scale of 1-10. Plus I’ve return to the work force working full time and traveling almost 2 hours a day in the car to work and home. Not sure if it’s because I’m having a boy however I find that I tend to get really tired very easily. At times I get some severe joint and back pains.

I am still going to the gym so that I could keep up with my stamina level. I find that zumba classes and training with my PT do helps a lot with my sleeps. I have been experiencing on and off sleepless nights. I keep telling myself it’s damn worth it after all and can’t wait to meet my new boy. 14 weeks to go. Bring it on baby #2!

Miss Z has started to tell lies

omg! I can’t believe my soon to be 4 year old has started to tell lies.

I was curios on why there was Easter egg chocolate wrapper found at MissZ’s bed few days ago but it didn’t click to me that she has been sneaking those chocolates and eating them without our knowledge.

How we found out was when Des saw empty wrappers around the chocolate bowl. Then MissZ made the confession, she had chocolates while we were asleep at night.

I find it funny however it is also a sign that my little girl is growing up too fast and getting very mischievous.