Hong Kong <3


Here I am standing at the Wooloomooloo rooftop bar at the Hennessy Building enjoying this awesome view while sipping on cocktail.

Life is great!

Sam Smith World


In The Lonely Hour album concert tour at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne  8th Dec. 2015

Sam Smith has been promoting his album for 3 years and Australia was his last destination before he heads home to UK to work on his 2nd album. 

He ended the concert with his popular track “Stay with me” ❤️

I’m so in love with his music😍😍😍. 

I hate goodbyes 

Mom and dad are going home this weekend. I am trying very hard to not show any emotion but I really feel like crying!!!I have been so spoilt with my parents being around especially my mom helping to look after Mason. Thank god Mason was not a demanding baby. Sometimes me and my mom goes out to have some mommy and daughter time while my dad stays home with the baby. 

Looking at my mom playing with Mason really gives me mix feeling of happy and sad. Happy to see them playing and laughing sad to think whether Mason will still remember his Popo who looked after him since he was born. I swear I will be balling my eyes out if see my mom cries when she says good bye to Mason. 

Zarina is more carefree (I think she’s more like Des). When she heard that her grandparents are going home, all she said was “am I going to your house for a holiday?” 

Although I’ll be seeing my parents in 6 weeks time however the thought of them not seeing the grandkids for another year makes me very sad. 

During these 5 months I have learnt (still learning) to be patience when it comes to things not done in the usual way or the occasional situations where I’m stuck in the middle. I know there are moments where me and my dad have disagreements but we just let it slip it through. Sometimes I wonder why my mom does things so differently but I just try not to comment too much to not upset her. 

This has been the longest time I have lived with my parents since 2001. I always wonder how do they feel for not having me in their home for the past 14 years. 


I’m exhausted from repeating myself to a 4 year old.

  • Repeating minimun 4 times to get MissZ to brush her teeth.
  • Repeating minimun 4 times to get MissZ to eat her meal.
  • Repeating minimun 4 times to get MissZ to wash her hands after playing / before & after having her meal.
  • Repeating minimum 4 times to get MissZ to stand still while I put cream / lotion on her.
  • Repeating minimun 4 times to get MissZ to go to bed.

and the list goes on….. sometimes I wonder whether MissZ does it on purpose or she’s just forgetful.


MissZ is now a pre-schooler. She is into drawings and loves to read books. I must say MissZ has very good imaginations too. Some of the words that she uses are very much advance than me. I don’t recall using “big words” when I was 4 years old. I don’t think I was speaking English at all. 

I find that by putting your kids in a good childcare actually helps a lot with their developments. Am very proud of MissZ. 

Goodbye Bayswater.

Saying good bye to this oldie which has serve me well throughout my whole pregnancy.

When I first saw this bag back in 2009 I was drooling over it and I kept going back to NAP site to make sure the bag is still available and also to test whether I’m really in love with it. So after 6 months of looking and checking I finally bought it for my 30th Birthday. When the parcel arrived at home I was like a kid jumping up and down with HAPPINESS printed on my forehead. Des thinks I was a crazy woman.

Somehow I didn’t get to use the bag as often as I would. I fell pregnant few months later and after I had MissZ, I started carrying smaller cross body bags because the nappy bag was a permanent accessories that I have to bring with me all the time.

As time passes this bag got neglected. So last year when I fell pregnant for the 2nd time, I said to myself that I have to fully utilized this bag. I used the Bayswater during my whole 9 months. After I left work for my maternity leave, this bag was put back into the dust bag sitting next to my bed for 3 months since MasonJ was born.

In the end I decided to sell the bag to a reputable reseller. The resale value quoted was not too bad either so I didnt feel guilty for investing so much money and got peanuts in return.

Good bye my dear friend. I hope your new owner will cherish you well.

Tulip Festival.

My first experience going to the Tessleer Tulip Festival in Silvan. It was also my so called first time driving to Dandenong ranges without Des supervising. *proud face*    

Admission fees was a bit steep $24 / adults but I guess it’s much cheaper than flying to Holland to see the tulips. 

I did it!

Last week I went for my first Zumba class since 15 weeks ago. I did the 30 minutes session (it was actually a Zumba Gold class….Ahem…) and boy I was wreck. 

Today I did the 1 hour session and it was great. New instructor with new music. Lots of toning on the arms and working on the core. I absolutely love it. Can’t wait to go back again. 

Next in my to do list is, I’ll need to get a clearance letter from my GP so that I could go back to my PT training with Kelli. 
Work it work it baby 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻. 

Goodbye VW


Saying good bye to our very first car that we both purchased back in 2006. It was the biggest purchase for us during that time. We applied for a 5 years car loan and man it sure made us realized that money doesn’t fall from the sky. Having to make a $800 repayment every month plus our rent was indeed a challenge but we finally managed it on our own. After paying off the car loan we had the extra $800 to put into our new BIGGEST purchase which was the house. This is what I call growing up

MasonJ- 3 weeks old. 

Love of my life… I hope they will grow up loving and protecting each other.

I have been carrying MasonJ to sleep most of the night. He refuses to sleep in his rocker because it’s too cold and my room is very quiet. Oh my poor back 😣.

Luckily Kaye came to visit and she did some manual adjustments on my body. What I really need after my confinement is some serious massage.

The nursing part is getting better each day. Feeding on demand is the way to go. If I can’t figure out what MasonJ wants I’ll just give him the boobs. Everyone wins ✌🏻️.

Counting down to the end of my confinement month — 3 more days to go.