I did it!

Last week I went for my first Zumba class since 15 weeks ago. I did the 30 minutes session (it was actually a Zumba Gold class….Ahem…) and boy I was wreck. 

Today I did the 1 hour session and it was great. New instructor with new music. Lots of toning on the arms and working on the core. I absolutely love it. Can’t wait to go back again. 

Next in my to do list is, I’ll need to get a clearance letter from my GP so that I could go back to my PT training with Kelli. 
Work it work it baby 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻. 

MasonJ – 8 weeks old. 

My lil man has started cooing whenever we talk to him. It’s so cute to listen to his subtle voice. 

5.04kg 56cm

Breastfeeding has gotten much easier now. I don’t even bother to feed MasonJ in the parents room. I’ll just use my apron to cover up when I’m feeding bubs. I was really paranoid during Zarina’s time but I realized now that no one actually cares when you’re BF in public. 

Goodbye VW


Saying good bye to our very first car that we both purchased back in 2006. It was the biggest purchase for us during that time. We applied for a 5 years car loan and man it sure made us realized that money doesn’t fall from the sky. Having to make a $800 repayment every month plus our rent was indeed a challenge but we finally managed it on our own. After paying off the car loan we had the extra $800 to put into our new BIGGEST purchase which was the house. This is what I call growing up

Happy 1 month old MasonJ.

Somehow waiting for MasonJ to turn 1 month old seems to take forever. Maybe because I am so desperate to get out of the house. I have been out couple of times during my confinement month but it was just trips to the hospital, MCH checkups and twice to the local shopping centre to buy baby formula and heat pack. Nothing exciting. 

So to overcome my boredom at home I have been shopping online and almost every week there will be deliveries at my door step. I don’t think I have ever done so much online shopping when I had MissZ. Having a second child (boy) makes shopping more exciting. Meaning I can browse at the boys section after checking out the girls section. 

We have organized 3 tables in our local Chinese restaurant to celebrate MasonJ’s full moon dinner. My in laws will be flying in from Singapore and will be staying with us for a week. It will be a very hectic week of outings but I’m not complaining. I only complain when I’m stuck at home 😄. 


Happy 1 month old baby boy. Mummy and Daddy loves you very much. Stay beautiful my dear boy 😘. 

MasonJ- 3 weeks old. 

Love of my life… I hope they will grow up loving and protecting each other. 

I have been carrying MasonJ to sleep most of the night. He refuses to sleep in his rocker because it’s too cold and my room is very quiet. Oh my poor back 😣. 

Luckily Kaye came to visit and she did some manual adjustments on my body. What I really need after my confinement is some serious massage. 

The nursing part is getting better each day. Feeding on demand is the way to go. If I can’t figure out what MasonJ wants I’ll just give him the boobs. Everyone wins ✌🏻️. 

Counting down to the end of my confinement month — 3 more days to go. 

MasonJ – 1 week old

It has been a crazy hectic week trying to adjust to MasonJ’s routine. Well I  don’t really have a routine for him yet but the constantly feeding and changing nappies was a mundane routine for me. 

When the MCH nurse came to visit, she pointed out that my nipples were so swollen and early signs of mastitis. So that’s the reason why MasonJ’s birth weight has dropped substantially because he is not getting enough milk. Duh! That explains why I’ve been feeding him 4-5 hours during the night feed. My nipples were so grazed from baby not latching on properly. I kinda suspect I’m not feeding him correctly because I don’t recall breastfeeding to be painful. I thought MasonJ was going through cluster feeding. 

So I went to see the GP and got my antibiotics. I had to give in and fed MasonJ  formula to give my boobs time to recover. After resting for a day, I went to the hospital lactation centre to get some help. The lactation consultant Sonja was so helpful. She was my savior. She showed me an alternative position to feed mason due to my left nipple was still sore. MasonJ finally latch on properly and he was happily drinking off from my boobs and immediately fell asleep on my chest. 

Although I have been through this before with MissZ however every baby is different. We kinda assume it’s all the same but it’s actually not. 

Baby blues.

This is my current mood: 😭

Not because I had a new baby but it’s about MissZ . I couldn’t stop crying whenever I think of her. She used to have all the attention but now she has to share with her little brother. 

MissZ has been very challenging over the weekend. She was overwhelmed with her baby brother arrival. Everyone in the house has been telling her not to do this and that. 
I can feel that she wants my attention. 

She refused to have her afternoon nap because she wants to see what’s going on. She got punished during dinner time for not eating her dinner. She was just out of control 😱. 

So I was really upset and emotional. I yelled at MissZ. I feel so guilty but I couldn’t help myself because I was so frustrated about her nuisance behavior. 

This morning when she came to my room to say good bye to me and ask if I’ll miss her. I said “Yes I will” and she replied “Don’t cry ok mommy.” 

40 weeks 4 days. Baby you’re late.


I went for my hospital appointment today. As the doctor was doing a stretch and sweep examination, she accidentally broke my water.Totally didn’t expect that to happen. 😂

So I got sent to the birth unit to get a CTG scan to monitor baby’s heart rate. It was meant to be a 20 minutes thing however it took longer than expected because baby’s heart rate was reading quite high ; I’m guessing signs of stressed. After 4 hours of monitoring the midwives were happy with the results and I was told to go home to wait for labour to begin. 

So I’m back to the waiting game again however I’m booked in for induction if nothing happens between now till 6am Wednesday . *fingers crossed*