Tall Timber

My kind of breakfast brunch place where the serving portions are generous with quality ingredients used. #highlyrecommended  

Slow cooked lamb shoulder with whole lots of salad.


Crazily beautiful and yummy salad — roast cauliflower + quinoa salad + chickpeas & nutty salad with a yogurt dressing. Garnished with pomegranate and kale chips. 

60 Commercial Rd, Prahran. 

Cankles! Eeekkk!!


It’s all happening now. My ankles are missing. I don’t recall experiencing this when I was expecting MissZ. 

I have 4 weeks to go and still working. I’ll be finishing up in 2 weeks time and that’s when I have to basically prepare everything before bubs arrives. 

Currently I have mixed feelings of feeling excited and nervous…. 


I was very surprised that Des got me a present for my birthday this year. Never thought that he will actually get me something ever since we got married close to 8 years. Somehow I have just give up on hoping that he will actually do something on any of our special occasion.  

So MissZ had this impression that it’s her birthday too. She got all excited about the present and insisted that she should be the one opening my present. Anyway to avoid any tears and dramas, I gave in and said to MissZ that she could open the present. 

The unwrapping moment was so priceless as MissZ was super disappointed that the present wasn’t a MERMAID! She was so devastated and all I could see was lots of tears flowing from her cute little eyes 😭. 

I just couldn’t stop laughing. Looking at MissZ’s over reaction just makes my birthday more memorable. 

so after MissZ has calmed down she opened the box and tossed the Fitbit unit to me saying “here mom you can have this rubbish and I’ll have the box” 😂. 


Hello June

I can’t believe winter is here. 

I have no more clothes in my closet that can’t fit my huge belly. 

I’m getting tired very easily at work and feeling restless at night. 

I don’t get a proper sleep because Des is constantly tossing and turning. 

I think I might have to move to MissZ’s room to camp till the baby arrives. 

I’m cranky!! 

Week 32

one word – tired!

Counting down to my ML however I have been so slack with organizing the baby’s stuff. We still haven’t clean the baby cot that has been sitting in garage for 2 years. I need to sterilize all the baby bottles, replacing new bottle teats and check whether my breast pump is working. OMG so many things to do 😱. 

My SIL had her baby last Friday. Baby Abigail Ava Liaw arrived 9 days early. I’m absolutely in love with the name. How I wish Des and I can come to a conclusion on agreeing bub’s name. 

I’ve decide to suspend my gym membership after this coming long weekend . I think my body can’t take it anymore. I am in the transition of nesting now till I go to labour. Hopefully I get to do some workouts at home but I tend to have baby brains and can’t remember much on what my trainer have taught me. 

Happy 5th Birthday Tara


Looking at this photo makes me melts. The both of them are always up to something mischievous. 

This will be our last Melb birthday celebration with Tara  as they will be moving to Sydney end of this year. 😢

It’s sad to see my cousin moving to another state however looking at the bright side we get to go to Sydney now during school holidays, Easter holidays and Christmas! #awesome 🙌🏻

Week 29

Sometimes staying home on the weekends and do nothing is just pure bliss. Did some blog readings and also updating mine… I had to post all the post that was sitting in my draft folder since 2014!! 

I’ve entered my third trimester and i can feel that I get tired very easily.. Especially when I’m driving home from work. Bubs  has been very active inside my tummy. I can feel a lot of kicking and nudging when I’m sitting down. Thank god so far when I’m sleeping bubs is sleeping too. 

I am still going for my Zumba class on Monday evenings however I think I’ll have to stop attending the class once I reach week 36. Don’t want to push myself too hard. I’ve also bought another 6 PT passes hoping that I can continue training with my trainer till week 38 😝