What an eventful year we had for 2013 and it’s hard to believe that we are almost at the end of 1st month of 2014. In 3 weeks time I will be stuffing my face with all the yummy food in Malaysia and shop till I drop in Bangkok with both of my bff.  I […]

4 weeks till Christmas

I have been so slack with updating my blog. I can’t believe Christmas is approaching and I still haven’t organise my to-do list. MIL will be in Melbourne for Christmas this year and it will be a good time for Z to spend time with her grandma. Z is very excited about the whole Christmas festival […]

Swimming + Potty training

Swim trial at Kingswim What a productive Saturday for little Z. It was Z’s first time in a swimming pool. At first she was very excited about the whole swimming thing and once I got into the pool with her, she was grabbing on to me so tightly. I kept telling her it’s ok and […]

Leave Approved | FEB 2014

MELB-KL-BKK-KL-JB-KL-MELB Yippee… I am extremely excited about my trip to motherland! Des’s Japan trip is still up in the air but my trip is a definite CONFIRMED. I wish I could go back for CNY however I had to work around the Japan dates which Des and the gang still have not made the final decision. […]

Terrible 2

Zarina is 2 now. Her toodlerhood development are consider very advance exept she is still not toilet trained yet. We are looking at going on a full on training when the weather is a bit warmer. Z can now count 1-10 and she can sing a full version of the ABC song! *proud mommy* lol! […]

Birthday celebration in Sydney.

Every year I get to celebrate my birthday on Queen’s birthday long weekend. This year we decided to spend the long weekend holiday in Sydney. We planned this getaway trip since February. It will also be last time of Z travelling for free. By July she will have to pay for her own seat which […]

Autumn in Melbourne

First quarter of the year has just gone. It has been a very hectic month of March when the in-laws were here. DJ and I managed to sneak out for a movie night. We watched Oz. It was a great movie and such a shame we didn’t watch it in 3D instead. Zarina is growing […]


Happy New Year! I was so happy that I got a job offer in December. Who would have thought that there are still companies that hires at the end of the year. I can’t be any happier to be back in the work force. I almost killed myself from boredom. It was the most mundane […]

18 months old

Zarina is 18months old now. She has started to feed herself breakfast in daycare. She tends to understand more of what we say to her. Her favourite food is rice and noodle. Yup very Asian. Often she just ignore me when I speak Cantonese to her and her reply to me is “blank face”+ No. […]