Goodbye Bayswater.

Saying good bye to this oldie which has serve me well throughout my whole pregnancy.

When I first saw this bag back in 2009 I was drooling over it and I kept going back to NAP site to make sure the bag is still available and also to test whether I’m really in love with it. So after 6 months of looking and checking I finally bought it for my 30th Birthday. When the parcel arrived at home I was like a kid jumping up and down with HAPPINESS printed on my forehead. Des thinks I was a crazy woman.

Somehow I didn’t get to use the bag as often as I would. I fell pregnant few months later and after I had MissZ, I started carrying smaller cross body bags because the nappy bag was a permanent accessories that I have to bring with me all the time.

As time passes this bag got neglected. So last year when I fell pregnant for the 2nd time, I said to myself that I have to fully utilized this bag. I used the Bayswater during my whole 9 months. After I left work for my maternity leave, this bag was put back into the dust bag sitting next to my bed for 3 months since MasonJ was born.

In the end I decided to sell the bag to a reputable reseller. The resale value quoted was not too bad either so I didnt feel guilty for investing so much money and got peanuts in return.

Good bye my dear friend. I hope your new owner will cherish you well.

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