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40 weeks 4 days. Baby you’re late.

  I went for my hospital appointment today. As the doctor was doing a stretch and sweep examination, she accidentally broke my water.Totally didn’t expect that to happen. 😂 So I got sent to the birth unit to get a CTG scan to monitor baby’s heart rate. It was meant to be a 20 minutes thing however it took longer… Read more →

Cankles! Eeekkk!!

   It’s all happening now. My ankles are missing. I don’t recall experiencing this when I was expecting MissZ.  I have 4 weeks to go and still working. I’ll be finishing up in 2 weeks time and that’s when I have to basically prepare everything before bubs arrives.  Currently I have mixed feelings of feeling excited and nervous….  Please follow… Read more →

Week 29

Sometimes staying home on the weekends and do nothing is just pure bliss. Did some blog readings and also updating mine… I had to post all the post that was sitting in my draft folder since 2014!!  I’ve entered my third trimester and i can feel that I get tired very easily.. Especially when I’m driving home from work. Bubs… Read more →

Za-za’s baby brother 

  In preparation for the new addition to the family, I was recommended to get this book for MissZ. I must say the content of the book is very true to what we will be expecting when the baby arrives.  Whenever I read this book to MissZ I feel very heavy hearted because she is so used to all the… Read more →

Entering week 26

You know when everyone says every pregnancies are different. Well I must say its so damn true.   I guess it’s also because when I had MissZ when I was 31 and now fast forward 4 years later, my energy level has gone down to level 3 base on a scale of 1-10. Plus I’ve return to the work force… Read more →

2015 already??!!

In less than 15 weeks to go till babyBOY (name TBC) arrives. 2014 has been a roller coaster year for me. Anyway glad that it’s over now and looking forward to my maternity leave. It seems like there is not much to prepare for baby’s arrival but in actual fact I was quite organise this time. I have prepared most… Read more →

11 months old.

This is Z at 11 months old. She will be a toddler in a months time. *sob sob*. Very soon she will be going to kinder, school and uni… kids just grows up too quickly. We have already started Z on eating adult food. She tends to eat very well when we give her food that we eat which makes… Read more →

When the baby is sick is no fun.

It was the longest and stressful 2 weeks I ever experience in my entire life. Well I know there will be many more to come in the future when my status has changed from being a married without kids to with kids. First it was me, I had a minor cold and somehow it turned in to a major cold… Read more →

10 months old.

Little Z is now 10 months old. Yikess… that means I have to start planning for her 1 year old birthday. My little girl can now stand up with assistance holding on to furnitures and she does tiny baby steps. She can crawl very fast and sit up confidently; sometimes she even does a split. The staff at Z’s childcare… Read more →