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B-bag <3

Woo hoo… I’ve finally ticked off this bag from my never ending bag wish list. This bag was sitting on my wish list since 2013. I kept getting side tracked with other bags. Lots of research and thoughts done and decided to go for the City bag in Gris Fossile GGH. Mama loves you very much and I can’t wait to… Read more →

Goodbye Bayswater.

Saying good bye to this oldie which has serve me well throughout my whole pregnancy. When I first saw this bag back in 2009 I was drooling over it and I kept going back to NAP site to make sure the bag is still available and also to test whether I’m really in love with it. So after 6 months… Read more →

Something Blue.

Well it’s more of a turquoise-ish colour… This beauty came in the mail today. A present from me to me to brighten up my life after being confined in the house close to a month! Can’t wait to bring this newbie out to play! Please follow and like us: Read more →