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Iphone 4S

I couldn’t wait anymore for my BlackBerry contract to end. I’ve signed up for a new iphone 4S with Vodafone. Yay!! BlackBerry and I just don’t click. I did try to love the BlackBerry however this phone is not a good phone for web browsing and the camera quality is not that great. I tend to spend a lot of… Read more →

Happy Birthday to me

OMG I turned 30 today. Updates~ photo credit to LL Celebrating my birthday with a shot of Vodka… >.< yucks!! Hello peeps, I hope everyone is having a great day cuz I am!! Question – do I have to start using anti aging products as of today? Please follow and like us: Read more →

Dude where’s my contract?

This waiting game is driving me nuts!!! The bank has approved our loan but we are still waiting for the contract to be drafted out. It takes 48 hours to draft the contract and 36 hours for delivering the contract back and forth between our solicitor and the vendor’s. Fark (>.< ) I hate being an adult. How I wish… Read more →

What to do next?

I am super stressed with the moving! Wait, we haven’t even got the keys to our new house how the hell are we suppose to move? Settlement date got pushed back to end of next week but we are left with 3 days to move, clean the apartment and return the keys to the agent the following week. Today we… Read more →

Killer canvas

Have anyone heard of this myth about if you bite your shoe before you wear it, and the shoe will not bite you back? I did bite (sort of) the shoe but I reckon the shoe has bitten me back ten times more. Bought a new pair of summer canvas for work/bike riding/weekend wear etc from Sportsgirl yesterday thinking it… Read more →

WordPress v2.0 iphone

I am now blogging from my iphone using the new downloaded WP 2.0 application. There is not much difference except that I get to see the comments section. The only problem that I’m not to happy is the photo alignments. Why can’t the photo automatically align in the center in every post? Anyway I have to post this photo of… Read more →