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   I was very surprised that Des got me a present for my birthday this year. Never thought that he will actually get me something ever since we got married close to 8 years. Somehow I have just give up on hoping that he will actually do something on any of our special occasion.   So MissZ had this impression… Read more →

Happy 5th Birthday Tara

  Looking at this photo makes me melts. The both of them are always up to something mischievous.  This will be our last Melb birthday celebration with Tara  as they will be moving to Sydney end of this year. 😢 It’s sad to see my cousin moving to another state however looking at the bright side we get to go… Read more →

Armin Only Intense

I had the best birthday celebration.  Big thank you to Des for looking after MissZ while I have a sleep in on my birthday after a big night out. I don’t remember when was the last time I actually stayed up till 4am.              The last Armin gig I went to was when I was 28… Fast forward 6… Read more →

Happy Birthday to me.

No presents and kisses from Hubby! hump! but I did get a lot of sloppy wet kisses from my darling little girl. This makes me think why I bother to have a hubby huh? Went into the office and lovely Sandra bought a very delicious yummy chocolate mud cake for me. My phone kept popping out with FB, twitter and… Read more →

Mother’s day

My 1st mother’s day and I was down with a very bad cold. Z was not feeling too well either. I spent most of my time in bed under the doona. Boo hoo. DJ cooked fish congee for me and Z as part of the celebration. Poor hubby, had to look after us. Please follow and like us: Read more →

Mr & Mrs Lee

Big congratulations to my dear cousin Rachel who recently tied the knot with her high school sweetheart Louis on 10th Dec 2011. I on the other hand was spewing that I couldn’t make it back to attend this memorable event 🙁 Please follow and like us: Read more →

Happy Birthday DJ!

We have finally tried out the famous Shira Nui omakase except we didn’t get to sit at the bar area because we took Z with us. We didn’t really get to eat our dinner properly because Z was being very whiny so DJ and I had to take turn to settle Z. I literally had to “swallow” my food down.… Read more →