MasonJ- 3 weeks old. 

Love of my life… I hope they will grow up loving and protecting each other. I have been carrying MasonJ to sleep most of the night. He refuses to sleep in his rocker because it’s too cold and my room is very quiet. Oh my poor back 😣. Luckily Kaye came to visit and she did some manual adjustments on… Read more →

Baby blues.

This is my current mood: 😭 Not because I had a new baby but it’s about MissZ . I couldn’t stop crying whenever I think of her. She used to have all the attention but now she has to share with her little brother.  MissZ has been very challenging over the weekend. She was overwhelmed with her baby brother arrival.… Read more →

40 weeks 4 days. Baby you’re late.

  I went for my hospital appointment today. As the doctor was doing a stretch and sweep examination, she accidentally broke my water.Totally didn’t expect that to happen. 😂 So I got sent to the birth unit to get a CTG scan to monitor baby’s heart rate. It was meant to be a 20 minutes thing however it took longer… Read more →

Random rants by MissZ 

So MissZ knows that Des does his vaping business in the garage (man cave) and sometimes when he is cooking he walks away to a corner and vapes. Obviously there’s bound to have some smoke residues following him after he vapes.  MissZ is a very smart girl and her observations is very good too. She knows that the garage is… Read more →


 Well it seems like this little tenant doesn’t wanna come out today. Maybe it’s due to the cold weather.  I’m hoping baby will come out before the hospital have to put me through induction.  Read more →

Last day at work.

The day has come. I’ve handed over my work to Genie to look after while I’m away. Still feeling very nervous about whether I have left out any important informations. I hope everything will be alright during my absence.  I did a detour to Adriano Zumbo before heading to the office to get morning tea for my wonderful team and… Read more →

Week 38 

  My last week at work.  I have mixed feelings about going for my maternity leave although I’m only away for 8 months. This pregnancy I decide to finish up at work 2 weeks before my due date. I tend to get quite tired in the middle of the day but I feel better to be at work. At least… Read more →

Tall Timber

My kind of breakfast brunch place where the serving portions are generous with quality ingredients used. #highlyrecommended   Slow cooked lamb shoulder with whole lots of salad. Crazily beautiful and yummy salad — roast cauliflower + quinoa salad + chickpeas & nutty salad with a yogurt dressing. Garnished with pomegranate and kale chips. 60 Commercial Rd, Prahran. Read more →