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Satou Steak House, Kichijoji

Before our Japan trip, DJ has been doing a lot of reading and research on where and what is a must try for our trip in Tokyo. He came across to this recommended steak house located at Kichijoji ; about 20 minutes train ride from Shinjuku station. The steak house is located above a busy butcher on the main shopping… Read more →

SDS Japan 09: 13 snowboarders & 4 skiers

17 SDS members @ Alupu Resort Inn, Hakuba Happoone. What I like about snowboarding in Japan : – Free shuttle bus to all mountains around Hakuba. – Lift chair attendants are very polite. They actually sweep off the snow on the chairlift and greet us “dozo” (Please) before we sit on the chair. – Wide and long green runs. My… Read more →


Whenever I cross a busy intersection in Tokyo I kind of have this nausea feeling on me. My eyes literally rolls very fast because of the fast motion of people walking from all directions. At one stage I could feel this heavy feeling on me and I nearly threw up. This city was really an eye-opener for me. On the… Read more →