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Dii’s 60th birthday

I miss home 🙁 I planned this birthday surprise for my dad since early January and none of the family members from Malaysia knew that I was actually going back. I knew that mii was pretty disappointed when I first told her that I could not make it to dii’s birthday. Sorry I lied. Hihihi… Anyway mii and dii were… Read more →

Fish Spa

At last, I finally get to try out the all so famous; everyone is talking about in town – FISH SPA. LK and I went to try out this new fish spa in Bangsar – Garra Rufa Fish Therapy We were required to wash our feet thoroughly before entering the pond area as any excess dirt or body lotion will… Read more →

Armin Van Buuren – 14 Oct Zouk KL

Managed to squeeze in a party in KL with BurtonCyborg before the wedding. So happened AvB was playing in Zouk on the 2nd day of Hari Raya. The pre-sale tickets were sold for RM55 + 1 complimentary drink. F*cking unbelievable. Wish we have this type of deal in Melbourne. Armin’s hard core fan. Isn’t he cute or what. By far… Read more →

Friday 13- Velvet Underground, KL

Last friday went to Velvet with KX,LK & JT [KX’s boo]. Met up with Elle and her hubby together with their group of friends and we all partied together. Actually it looked more like a drinking marathorn with jugs of long islands teas that seems to automatically replenish by itself. It’s been ages since I last step into Velvet.I remembered… Read more →